Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Odd Topic.

Why do we not talk about, commemorate, scrapbook, reminisce, etc about funerals? I post detail upon detail, story after story, about weddings, babies, parties and various other celebrations, but never funerals. Since I have begun this blog, over 3 years ago, 3 rather significant people in my and Matt's family have passed away, as well as a few family members of close friend's. Is a funeral not a celebration? That's always been how I look at it, and I know that is how Catholic's view the ceremony. Though weddings are beautiful, joyous occasions, they don't quite have an impact on me the way that a funeral does. Perhaps that is why it needs no documentation.

In high school, I was endearingly referred to as, "the rock" when describing my emotional capabilities. Though, this generally remains true, a great eulogy can penetrate even my granite exterior. As I sit and listen to the life story of one person; their ups and downs, who they were, who loved them, I cannot help but be touched. This seems to be the only moment that everyone slows down, relaxes, and just remembers and appreciates someone for who they are. Not who they wanted to be, not who they tried to be, but who they became. I often think it should be video-recorded, so that their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on can know who began to shape them so many years before their existence. It never fails that I learn something new, and obtain a new-found respect for the deceased upon leaving their funeral. I always exit, wishing I had known them better, yet satisfied, because no matter how long or short their life, they influenced someone. I really don't think that we, as human's, have any other celebration that is as selfless, powerful and touching as a funeral.

So, in conclusion, I say rest in peace. Rest in peace to those who have passed on, and for those who have stayed behind, because you know you are loved.

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