Monday, June 14, 2010

Win, Win Kind of Situation

Jeanie interrupted my lap swimming to invite me to fill in the extra seat at their table for the St. Teresa's Trivia Night fundraiser. At least I had made it an exact mile before I sprinted home, changed, dropped some items for my kid at my mother's and headed to my high school Alma Mater for some trivia fun. While there, I enjoyed a great dinner consisting of tortilla roll-ups, Cheetos and veggies.
2nd Place Winning Team
I think we realized the key to winning this trivia was to have a trans-generational team. Jeanie's father and friend took care the questions prior to the 1980's while we picked up the slack in the more current affairs. Though I have to give Big Joe some credit, and name him MVP. I should have been the Science and Nature queen - but turns out, sometimes knowing too much is detrimental. Umm, the "funny bone" is not a bone at all and is in fact due to the Ulnar Nerve and Calcium Carbonate is Tums, chalk, give me a break. We ended up in 2nd place despite these technicalities and won a whopping $200 divided between the 8 of us - you do the math.
Also, my sister and I took advantage of a cloudy, with a chance of rain type day to take the boys to the zoo. I love the zoo, only when it's below 85 though. This is for more than just my comfort - animals hate the blazing heat as well and do nothing but hide in the shade or lie around in the dirt. Also, small children tend to get a bit cranky, therefore this turned out to be quite a nice afternoon. Even with Brock and his "Summer cold".
We bought the boys matching wagon t-shirts from Old Navy, specifically with a zoo adventure in mind. And we were surprisingly coordinated. What adorable cousins!

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