Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A salute to Plastics?

Shortly before the end of my Plastic surgery rotation (which I loved - and no question, it's what I would do if I had no family, and no intention of ever having a family), I called a close friend to inform her that I had hit, what I believed to be the lowest point in my life. I had received an invitation to a Botox party. And not just any Botox party, a 'Sex in the City' Botox party. Now, if you are unsure as to what a "Botox party" is, because you have never watched The real Housewives of Orange County, for which I do not blame you (I am well aware that everyone is not a glutton for punishment, as I,) let me explain. Everyone meets at a plastic surgeon's office, and shares vials of Botox, thus getting multiple sites injected at an extremely reduced price. From that point, the ladies are to head out for martini's then to watch the movie 'Sex in the City 2'.

Now, if you know me, just by the previous paragraph, there should be approximately 3-5 glaringly obvious reasons why I would take this as hitting rock bottom. First of all, I am 27 years old. Though I have a bit of sun damage and an ever increasing number of freckles, I feel everything is still lifted to its' proper postion on my face. Second, a knock on myself, who have I befriended that feels I would be interested in this sort of event!? Perhaps my character judgement is lacking in my, apparently, advanced age. (To her defense, the inviter was not hosting the party, it was her older and wealthier housewife friends with not much better to do with time nor money.) Third, I do not like 'Sex in the City' or at least, I would never admit to it, and I surely would not celebrate it. Hello, I am a tomboy. Fourthly, I detest, absolutely dread, any sort of girly gathering that is meant to profit someone. No candle parties, or Mary Kay parties, or passion parties, etc for me. Why is it men have figured out that these things are a drain on time, money and energy, and we women continue to do them!? These type of events probably rank in the top 5 of things I would not mind eradicating completely from our culture (followed or preceded by such items as: any lines anywhere, all girl showers, time shares, etc). And last, but not least, the one part of the event I might enjoy, martini's, is not an option for me currently, as I am 5 months pregnant.

So, needless to say, my RSVP read: Not Attending.


The Carnahan Family said...

loved this rant...want to tell you...YOU DO NOT NEED BOTOX!!! :o)

Susan said...

Hey Erin--and I thought I was the ONLY woman on earth who refuses all invitations to "girly gatherings meant to profit someone." It's nice to be in such fine company!!!