Sunday, June 20, 2010


In Brock's current stage of development, he is loving routine. When he sees me pick up trash he runs to the trash can and points to it, mumbling some incoherent babbles, I can only assume means, "that goes right here". It is the same with dirty clothes - to the hamper that is. If I mention going for a walk, he runs about the house searching for the dogs leashes, then attempts to hook them to the dogs' necks, then runs to get his own shoes. This morning, he saw Matt make himself a plate of food, therefore got up from the table and ran into the kitchen to guide his father to the proper seat at the dining table. But my favorite routine? Doesn't even make any sense.

Brock currently has an ear/sinus infection, for which he is taking amoxicillin - you know, that pink chalky liquid (which I find to be absolutely scrumptious). Well, Brock just thinks he hates all medicine, so he won't even try it without a struggle. Previous to about 2 days ago, Matt and I would tag team Brock. One would hold him down and pinch his nose, while the other pried open his mouth and forced in the medicine. Generally, we do this sitting on the dining room floor. As Brock is beginning to put 2 and 2 together, we came up with the brilliant idea of bribing him with fruit snacks. After only one time of presenting a fruit snack and explaining if he takes his medicine, he gets the fruit snack, Brock instantly recognized the routine. Now, as soon as Matt opens the fridge and pulls out the medicine bottle, Brock runs and points to the cabinet with the fruit snacks, then runs into the dining room and sits on the floor, patiently awaiting his meds and snacks. The only problem? He still thinks that us pinning him down, while he fights us, is PART of the routine. Seriously. He sits calmly, and waits for us to join him on the floor, then climbs in my lap, but as soon as we present the medicine, he flips out - but doesn't run anywhere. He is literally waiting for us to forceably administer his medication. Guess it will still be a while before he obtains logic (if ever).

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